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Join us for a 12-week interactive Women of the Bible Study, a transformative journey that deepens your understanding, strengthens your faith, and empowers you to live with greater purpose. Explore the stories of remarkable biblical women, learning about their historical significance and timeless lessons. This study fosters spiritual growth, providing practical insights for personal development and faith application. Connect with fellow participants, build a supportive community, and be inspired by role models of faithfulness, courage, and wisdom. Recognize your potential for leadership and service, following the empowering examples set by these biblical women.

We will begin the Bible Study on July 16th and conclude on December 17th. The format is as follows: one week meeting online and the following week for personal study and completing material in the study guide. We will meet at 6 pm CST via Zoom. Please plan to purchase the Study Guide once available to gain the most impact from our time together. Grab as many friends as you like—I look forward to being with you soon!

Don't get

left behind....

Grab your friends and let's lock in. Together we will focus and sharpen our identity in Christ by studying Women of the Bible.  Our time together will be impacted by digging deep and showing up! It's time to gain clarity on your purpose and dismiss the hindrance of showing up as who God has created you to be. Now it's time for the story to be written with your name in the pages. 

Same Time + Place Everyother Tues.
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