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Developing Discipline for Your Destiny

Hey Honey, Gabrielle Scott here! Congratulations on making it this far and acknowledging that you're ready for what's next, drawing closer to God and aligning yourself with what God has intended for you from the very beginning. Sometimes we all get stuck and need a little help getting back on the path of knowing and feeling that we are doing what is necessary to make it to our God ordained destiny. To be quite honest, it takes acknowledging that we need more discipline, a little more self development and a sense of direction. If this is you, I would love to help. 


Join me for a 4 week development session to unlock your desire of getting to the next place and breaking the cycle of the former thing. We will focus on sharpening your identity, improving your relationship with Christ and others, breaking generational curses, owning responsibility, the maturing of your mind and yielding to the God idea.



The bible says in Proverbs 12:13 that hope deferred makes the heart sick. This simply means that you are dealing with delay, disappointment or discouragement about something you hoped to have or somewhere that you hoped to be. We feel as though we are suppose to be further along by a certain time of our lives, but the reality is, as long as we obey everything that Gods says, what we hoped for will come in God's timing, just how he intended for it to be. 



My goal is to help hold you accountable on your journey of developing discipline. Accountability is rooted in the biblical principle of iron sharpening iron. The purpose is not to judge or condemn, but rather foster a loving and supportive environment, while challenging and encouraging you on the path of righteousness.



Holding you responsible is a way of promoting personal integrity, growth and character development. It reflects your stewardship of the gifts and resources entrusted to you by God. Responsibility involves taking accountability for your actions, words and commitments, taking ownership of your choices and accepting the consequences. For a person to rely on you for being responsible is great, but I want to help you get to the point where God relies on you and honors you with his promises. 



God has a unique and purposeful plan for your life. Developing habits of seeking him, praying, and studying his word will help you discern and understand his vision for you. It requires surrendering, aligning, being open, seeking guidance, and trusting his timing. To see the vision through, you must persevere. I will help you to remain encouraged and steadfast, and to stick to the process. By stepping out on faith, together, we will see the incredible plan he has for you. 


  • Available Online

    A free 15 min consultation to help you plan, prepare and produce.

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    15 min

  • Available Online

    A call to help you discover the purpose for your ideas and identity.

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    30 min

    50 US dollars
  • Available Online

    4 week session to develop accountability, responsibility and opening y...

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    1 hr

    100 US dollars
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